Call Date

An important element of the EPOS ERIC mandate is to make the Consortia’s research and innovation activity known, available and understandable to the Scientific Communities, Governmental e non-Governmental Institutions, Academia, potential users and civil society.

In the next months, EPOS will participate in national and international events and expositions and is seeking for an economic operator to be engaged in the provision of various audio-visual products to be shown to the public.

This Tender specification includes the Annexes which are integral part of the documentation to be followed to take part in the process.

Download the Call for tender official document

Download the Annex A_Declaration on Honor

Download the Annex B_Tender submission form

EPOS ERIC Executive Director, Lilli Freda (executive.director@epos-eric.eu)

EPOS ERIC Chief of the Administrative Unit, Diana Piras (diana.piras@epos-eric.eu)

Launch: 04 June 2021 | Close: 20 June 2021