EPOS will create an internationally recognised European research infrastructure that will open new horizons for European research in solid Earth science. Seamless access to national and European data and services will attract a variety of diverse users and benefit society as a whole in tackling major societal challenges stemming from the management of natural resources, including safety, natural hazards prevention and risk mitigation.

Providing a Central Data Access Point

EPOS is unique in providing an objective and comprehensive single access point to data, products and services from different data provider domains letting EPOS stakeholders benefit from the exchange of data and services. EPOS provides:

  • Services and contact for objective Earth sciences data and information
  • European knowledge, emerging trends, training, jobs and business opportunities
  • New products, services and concepts for the public domain
  • Springboard for users to develop their own concepts with EPOS data

Helping Scientists to Drive Science

EPOS can maintain and enhance the standard of living across Europe if we understand how Earth works. EPOS will accelerate this process, promoting effective use of data and the development of new ideas and new tools to test them. EPOS will drive innovation for science, adding value to existing national research investment.

Helping Governments Plan for Natural Disasters and Geo-hazards

Society needs resources to support home life, industry and business and it needs security in the face of natural hazards. Earth science underpins both these areas and EPOS will facilitate research innovation to support European society, now and in future.

Inspiring the Next Generation

EPOS will serve as the primary source of data and bring scientific advances as researchers find new and efficient ways of working. In turn, they will train the next generation of scientists to develop innovative models and methods to benefit society, in ways that are yet to be explored. Scientific discoveries of Creative young researchers will point the way to how we can further improve the infrastructure itself and the level of the service provided.

See how EPOS can benefit scientists and researchers, governments and society and the private sector.