Geosphere INfrastructures for QUestions into Integrated Research

Geo-INQUIRE is designed to provide and enhance access to selected key data, products, and services, enabling the dynamic processes within the geosphere to be monitored and modelled at new levels of spatial and temporal detail and precision. Geo-INQUIRE aims to overcome cross-domain barriers, especially the land-sea-atmosphere environments, and will exploit innovative data management techniques, modelling and simulations methods, developments in AI and big data, and extend existing data infrastructures to disseminate these resources to the wider scientific community, including the EOSC landscape. Geo-INQUIRE benefits from a unique partnership of 52 partners consisting of major national research institutes, universities, national geological surveys, and European consortia. Geo-INQUIRE will enhance and make interoperable the activities of the involved partners and conduct dedicated training programs for their optimal use.


More details about the Geo-INQUIRE project are available on the the website

Start Date: October 1st 2022 

End Date: September 30th 2026



The Geo-INQUIRE project received funding from the European Union under grant agreement No 101058518.