The long-term sustainable operation of the EPOS distributed RI requires an effective communication strategy to engage human resources and skills to be included through time in the governance and organizational structures.

EPOS produces a set of communication materials to present the infrastructure, as well as promote the most relevant resources, tools and services offered. The Communication section of the EPOS website is composed of six dedicated sub-sections:


Updates and developments of the EPOS Delivery Framework and the projects that EPOS is involved in. 


Past and upcoming events, such as meetings, conferences and workshops, of the EPOS RI, projects and other research infrastructures. 


Tranining events, courses and materials produced by the ICS, TCS and EPOS National Partners. 

Outreach Materials

EPOS Communication materials, organized into four categories: brochures, videos, presentations and photos. 


Articles that present, in detail, the work and impact of EPOS on solid Earth research and society.


List of EPOS-related scientific publications 



All EPOS communication materials, including templates, figures, documentation and others, are available on the EPOS Intranet folder.


For enquiries about the use of our logo, or any other matter related to graphic identity and communications, please contact our Communication Unit.