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EPOS ERIC plans to finalise a contract with a highly specialised external service provider to provide auditing services. According to art. 16 of its Statute, EPOS ERIC shall be subject to the requirements of the country’s law where it has its statutory seat regarding preparation, filing, auditing and publication of accounts.

An auditor's assessment of the correctness of the organisation’s accounts will be an invaluable source of support for ERIC members and supervisory bodies, helping them to fulfill their monitoring function.

The present tender aims to select a qualified company or natural person specialised in auditing consulting services to perform an economic and financial audit for the EPOS ERIC accounts and Financial Statements for the financial years from 2022 to 2024.


Download the Call for tender. 

Download the Annex 1_Declaration on Honor.

Download the Annex 2_Tender submission form.

Download the Draft Contract. 



EPOS ERIC Executive Director, Lilli Freda (executive.director@epos-eric.eu)

EPOS ERIC Chief of the Administrative Unit, Diana Piras (diana.piras@epos-eric.eu)

EPOS ERIC procurement policy follows the principles of transparency, non-discrimination and competition. According to article 24 of the EPOS ERIC Statutes, EPOS ERIC shall treat procurement candidates and tenderers equally and without discrimination.