Call Date

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Purpose of the tender

The purpose of this tender is to select a professional company specialised in communication activities and services to be engaged in the design and elaboration of an integrated and articulated Communication Plan for the EPOS ERIC.


Award of contract

The price fix for this tender is EUR 40.000,00 (forty-thousand). The contract will be awarded to the most economically advantageous tender.



The tender is open from the 20th of June to the 5th of July, 2019. Tender submission and schedule of the work are as follows:

Launch of the Tender 20/06/2019
Close of the Tender 05/07/2019
Evaluation of received tenders and selection of the awarded Tender 15/07/2019
Signature of the Contract / Briefing session with ECO to agree on the objectives, the methodology, and the process 31/08/2019
Start of assignment 01/09/2019
End of the assignment 28/02/2020



Contact person

Information and any question regarding the tender should be submitted to:

EPOS ERIC Executive Director, Mr. Massimo Cocco (epos-eric@pec.it or massimo.cocco@ingv.it)

and in copy to:

EPOS ERIC Scientific Officer, Ms. Carmela Freda (carmela.freda@ingv.it)
EPOS ERIC Head Secretariat, Ms. Diana Piras (diana.piras@ingv.it).