General Assembly

The General Assembly (GA) of members is the governing body of the EPOS infrastructure. The GA is composed of representatives of the EPOS ERIC members, with voting rights and observers, with no voting rights.

Moreover, the GA decides on: proposals for amending the Statutes; termination of membership or observer status; extension the EPOS ERIC duration period; termination of EPOS ERIC.

Executive Director

Lilli Freda is the EPOS ERIC Executive Director appointed on April 1st 2021.

The Executive Director is the legal representative of EPOS ERIC. Supported by the Executive Coordination Office (ECO), she is directly responsible to the General Assembly for all aspects of the EPOS activities, namely the day-to-day management of EPOS ERIC in accordance with the Statutes and the Implementing Rules.

Executive Coordination Office (ECO)

The ECO has the central role of coordinating the entire infrastructure including the operation of the integrated (ICS) and thematic (TCS) services.

The ECO, lead by the Executive Director, is composed by the Scientific Officer, the IT Officer, the Capacity Building Officer and the Administrative, IT, Management & Operations and Communication Units.

Services Coordination Committee

The Services Coordination Committee, representing all EPOS RI Thematic Core Services (TCS) and the Integrated Core Services (ICS), informs and assists the Executive Director in formulating and executing the EPOS Annual Work Plan by verifying the operational performances of the infrastructure.

The Service Coordination Committee fosters harmonization of data and metadata standards across the TCS optimizing the allocated resources for data archiving and service provision.

External advisory boards

The External advisory boards (Scientific Board and Ethics Board) are in charge of monitoring the quality of EPOS ERIC activities, providing external evaluations on activities development and results achievement.

Their evaluation reports and recommendations are annually discussed by the General Assembly.

ICS-Central hub Office

The ICS-C Office is a body in charge of the operational activities performed by the central hub of the integrated core services. This body acts under the coordination of the ECO and addressing the indications of the Service Coordination Committee.

The ICS-C is hosted in the United Kingdom (BGS) and France (BRGM) with technical operational support from Denmark (GEUS).