The EPISODES Platform (European Plate Induced Seismicity Observations & Datasets within EPOS Services) is a Flexible Computational Platform interoperable with the Integrated Core Service (ICS) of EPOS and provides the resources to allow:

  • the design of problem-based workflows using a combination of the TCS online software library (applications), personal software and IT resources;  
  • computationally demanding analysis through access to High Performance Computing Resources;   
  • storage of data, data products and results of analysis in a personal workspace area;  
  • visualisation of all types of TCS AH data, data products and analysis results.  
EPISODES Platform screenshot

The EPISODES Platform (  is connected to international data storage nodes and integrates the research infrastructure of EPOS TCS AH. The platform contains unique datasets called "episodes", related to anthropogenic seismicity and other hazardous phenomena, comprehensively describing a geophysical process, induced or triggered by human technological activity, which poses a hazard for populations, infrastructure, and the environment. The platform offers access to a large set of embedded applications for processing, analysis, and visualization of the data. The applications can be used to relate seismicity and technological factors for hazard assessment and other scientific purposes.



Episodes are time-correlated geoscientific and industrial monitoring datasets. Nearly all Episodes contain a sequence of seismic events to facilitate the analysis of seismicity induced or triggered by anthropogenic activities. There are over 35 ‘Episodes’ on the EPISODES Platform and each is assigned to an 'impact factor' category indicating the industry or anthropogenic activity associated with the episode contained data. 

Impact factor categories can be filtered to focus on a certain industry sector and include: 

  • Underground mining  
  • Reservoir impoundment  
  • Geothermal energy production  
  • CO2 sequestration
  • Unconventional hydrocarbon extraction 
  • Conventional hydrocarbon extraction 
  • Wastewater injection 
  • Underground gas storage
Episodes map

The EPISODES Platform offers over 50 bespoke software Applications that users can use to process and analyse episode data within their platform workspaces. Applications range from simple data management routines to advanced data analysis tool packages developed, maintained and published by researchers. 

There are a range of tools to help users:

  • Convert, filter, and visualise data 
  • Analyse seismograms and seismic properties 
  • Perform correlation analysis, source parameter estimations, event detections, stress-field modelling, and probabilistic seismic hazard analyses 
  • Assess earthquake interactions