EPOS is participating in the 18th World Conference on Earthquake Engineering (WCEE2024) in Milan, Italy this year, from June 30th  to July 5th  2024. This major event is attracting around 4,000 global participants from academic and research institutions, industry and the public sector.  

To continue advancing our knowledge and capabilities in high-impact fields such as Earthquake Engineering we need to harness multidisciplinary data and collaborate with a network of experts and outstanding research organisations worldwide. 

By integrating national infrastructures in Solid Earth Science into wider, supranational research infrastructures operated and maintained to the highest international standards, EPOS can help Earthquake Engineers to discover, combine and analyse data from different Geoscience domains to enhance their R&D activities. To this end, EPOS has set up a collaboration agreement with Eucentre, whose mission is research, training and service provision in the field of earthquake engineering and, more generally, of risk engineering. The event will be an opportunity to strengthen the collaboration with the seismic engineering community and bring forward impactful activities together.

If you are in Milan these days, don't forget to pay us a visit at booth F7 in the exhibition area. We have flash training and demonstrations on different use cases, and you can also have some fun with our treasure hunt, organised in collaboration with Eucentre and the Geo-Inquire project. 

Several EPOS thematic communities are directly involved in the scientific programme, with TCS Seismology in particular giving various presentations in the scientific sessions. Here's some highlights:

  • EFEHR is organising plenary sessions SHR16 and 19 - New Data and Cutting-Edge Technologies for Seismic Hazard Assessment and Risk Mitigation, convened by L. Danciu, H. Crowley, O.-J. Ktenidou, C. Beauval, A. Araújo Correia, and P. Mäntyniemi on Wednesday, 14:30-15:45 (Room AMBER 5) and Thursday, 14:30-15:45 (Room AMBER 4)
  • ORFEUS is giving three presentations on the following topics
    • Lanzano et al: Happy B-Day Engineering Strong-Motion (ESM) Database [Thursday 4th, 14:30-14:40 - Room BROWN1]
    • Cauzzi et al.: Overview of the Coordinated Actions, Services abd Products of ORFEUS and its Associated Datacenters Friday 5th, 11:40 - 11:50 - Room BROWN1]
    • Cauzzi et al. : Challenges and Opportunities of Automatic Earthquake Data Processing [Friday 5th, 09:25 - 09:35 - Monitor 19]


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