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The Thematic Core Service (TCS) for Seismology coordinates the provision, within the EPOS infrastructure, of various seismology-related services, such as waveform data, station information, parametric earthquake information products, and seismic hazard & risk data and products in Europe.

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Data & Services

EPOS Seismology services are organised within the three pillars ‘Waveform Data Services’ (coordinated by ORFEUS), ‘Seismological Products Services’ (coordinated by EMSC) and ‘Earthquake Hazard and Risk Services’ (coordinated by EFEHR).

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Internal Organisation

The TCS Seismology is organised as a consortium of members. The EPOS Seismology Consortium was formally established in October 2019. The funding parties of the consortium are the EPOS Seismology pillars: ORFEUS, EMSC and EFEHR.

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