Postdam, Germany
Event Date

The 2022 ORFEUS Annual Observatory Meeting and 2nd EPOS SP International Workshop on “AdriaArray - Seismology” will happen at GFZ in Postdam, Germany, on 6 and 7 October 2022.

Among the broad topics of the workshop are:

  • ORFEUS, EPOS, EPOS Seismology activities, ongoing and planned EC-funded initiatives relevant for the ORFEUS community;
  • ORFEUS SMC activities, updates, and future plans;
  • AdriaArray Seismology: seismic network establishment and development, data management from site selection to data integration in EIDA, proposals for collaborative research, seismological products;
  • AdriaArray beyond seismology: planning interactions with other communities (e.g. tectonics, geodesy, modelling, etc.);
  • Synergies among ORFEUS, EPOS, AdriaArray, EC-funded projects.

Registrations are now open at https://forms.gle/bZPT95EhGDDHbtYa6 until 7 August, or when the maximum capacity of 100 attendees is reached.  

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