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In order to accomplish to the overall objectives of EPOS and the specific goal of the TCS, the TCS Volcano Observations has adopted a Governance structure composed by five Bodies.

Consortium Board (CB)

The CB is composed by one representative per each Party signing the CA. Each Party has the right to vote within the VO-TCS Consortium Board. There is in total one vote for each country within the Consortium Board. The CB is responsible for the overall performance of the consortium, it provides an overall leadership for the strategic direction of the consortium and is free to act on its own initiative to formulate proposals and take decisions in accordance with procedures set out in the CA.

The current composition of the CB is:

Chair: Kristin Vogfjord (IMO)


  • Giuseppe Puglisi (INGV)
  • Adelina Geyer Traver (CSIC)
  • Philippe Labazyu (CNRS); Jean-Christophe Komorowski (CNRS) (proxy)

The VO-TCS is represented in the Service Coordination Committee by G. Puglisi (representative) and K. Vogfjord (proxy).

Executive Committee (ExC)

The ExC is composed by the chairperson of the CB plus two members appointed by CB amongst its members for a period of four years. One of the members should represent the Party who signs the Collaboration Agreement. The ExC is supervisory body for the execution and implementation of the Work Programme and of CB decisions. The ExC manages the Services for Governance and community coordination.

The current composition of the CB is:

Chair: G. Puglisi (INGV)
CB Chair: K. Vogfjord (IMO)
Member: P. Labazuy (CNRS)

INGV is signing the VO-TCS Collaboration Agreement for Governance and Coordination. 

To manage the VO-TCS, INGV appointed a team composed by: G. Puglisi, R. Nave, D. Reitano, L. Spampinato.

Technical Committee (TeC)

The TeC is composed of Information Technology experts, one representative from each Party, and one from each Service Provider. TeC provides technical advice, harmonize and share knowledge and solutions between Parties, advice and introduce new technology and share ideas on how the services can develop. The TeC will monitor the performance of services and eventually plan their implementation. TeC cooperates with ICS to harmonize and coordinate the implementation of VO-TCS services into the EPOS Delivery Framework.

The current composition of the TeC is:

Spokesperson: Arnaud Lemarchand (CNRS-IPGP)
- Danilo Reitano (INGV)
- Davíd S. Gudjónsson (IMO)
- Yannick Guéhenneux (CNSR-UAC)
- Adelina Geyer Traver (CSIC)

The VO-TCS is represented in the ICS-TCS  working group by: D. Reitano (representative) and A. Lemarchand (proxy).

TNA Committee (TC)

The TC is composed of one representative from each supplier of the Transnational access (TNA) activities. TC shall be responsible for the financial and technical management of the TNA activities, in agreement with the ERIC guidelines.

The current composition of the TC is:

 - Letizia Spampinato (INGV)
- Arnaud Lemarchand (CNRS)
- Ríkey Júlíusdóttir (IMO)
- Adelina Geyer (CSIC)

The VO-TCS is represented in the EPOS TNA Working Group by: L. Spampinato (representative) and  R. Júlíusdóttir (proxy).

Advisory Board (AB)

AB shall be at the minimum composed of five representatives of the stakeholder community. AB supports the community building, advises the CB on the development of the Work Programme, provides user perspective on the services, and advises on future development, and to suggest priorities to further extend the services.

The AB is not implemented yet.