CREW (EU Testing Center for Early Warning & Source Characterization) is a European-level testing facility for earthquake Early Warning systems, developed by the NFO community.

CREW is based on high-dense networks that provide researchers with a testing facility to evaluate and compare new methods, data, and software in a transparent and equal manner. This will help the community to build the next-generation methodologies and software for real-time monitoring of faulting processes. Besides, the testing center will help researchers to use existing softwares on selected datasets and compare new software and methods. 

Software running at a CREW receives and processes data from NFO seismic networks to provide early warning parameters. The service also evaluates the performance based on community standard metrics displayed on dedicated web pages. 


CREW operates on the ISNet (Iprinia Seismic Network). Minimum latency waveform data from the network is available on a single SeedLink server to the EEW algorithms that operate on separate Virtual Machines. Each software provides EEW alerts in a standardised format (QuakeML) to a single database, which will be used for performance evaluation. Performance criteria will include location, magnitude, lead-time and ground motion estimation (with uncertainties) and make use of official authoritative bulletins. Performances are finally published on a dedicated web page.

Service provider: UNINA