GNSS Data and Products

M3G website

M3G stands for “Metadata Management and distribution system for Multiple GNSS Networks”. GNSS station managers use M3G to upload, validate, and distribute their GNSS station metadata such as IGS-style site logs, information about local networks, data owner, DOIs, nominal data provision, licenses on the data, etc... M3G's metadata of EPOS GNSS stations are provided to the GNSS Data Gateway and are also available through M3G's APIs.

Data Access

GNSS Product Portal

The GNSS Products Portal enables the visualisation and download of GNSS products such as daily and weekly position time series, velocities and strain rate maps. Stations with products can be selected by region, network and Analysis/Combination centre. The graphical interface enables station visualization and multiple queries over stations and associated metadata allowing users to retrieve the desired information in various formats. Download of GNSS products is also made possible using a REST API documented with Swagger.

Data Access

GNSS Data Gateway Portal

The GNSS Data Gateway is the central point of access of an e-infrastructure that is designed to store and disseminate validated GNSS data and metadata provided by existing Research Infrastructures. The e-infrastructure is based on a top of an unique node, hosted at the GNSS Data Gateway, that centralizes validated file metadata from independent local nodes and validated station metadata from the station metadata submission center (M3G). On the GNSS Data Gateway, users can search and download for available EPOS GNSS data and metadata from all over Europe, including some EUREF Permanent GNSS Network (EPN) ones. Data and metadata are distributed to the public through a web interface and command line clients using a dedicate API.

Data Access