Geological Information and Modeling


OneGeology is an international initiative of geological surveys of the world. The objective is to improve the WWW accessibility (including interoperability) and usefulness of global geoscience data needed to address many societal issues including mitigation of hazards, meeting resource requirements, and climate change. It is to make web-accessible the best available geological and other geoscience data worldwide at the best possible scales. Over the 944 data sets, services and maps, the most popular is at 1:1 million scale but numerous maps can be found at 1/500,000 and 1/250,000 as well. As on April 2021, 190 organisations from 121 countries contribute to OneGeology and publish onshore and/or offshore geological maps.

Data Access


The European Geological Data Infrastructure (EGDI) provides access to Pan-European and national geological datasets and services from the Geological Survey Organizations of Europe. EGDI is the service provider to EPOS. EGDI contains information about onshore and marine geological maps, 3D geological models, mineral resources, geo-energy, groundwater, earth observations, geohazards, geochemistry, boreholes and geophysical measurements. EGDI contains more than 900 data sets.

Data Access