The Thematic Core Service Geological Information and Modeling aims at providing geological data and services to EPOS. The standardised services offered by this TCS build from the existing data infrastructure EGDI. 

EGDI is EuroGeoSurveys’ European Geological Data Infrastructure. In EGDI, users can find geoscientific information and knowledge at European and national scales. To help the users find the relevant data the geological datasets and services are divided into geoscientific topics, such as marine geology, onshore geology, mineral resources, and many others. 

In the first round, the following services are provided to EPOS:

  • Surface geological maps in 1:1M showing lithology and age of the rocks.
  • Borehole index information including links to visualization tool for borehole logs, associated monitoring equipment & observations, construction details, etc.
  • Catalogue of 3D models: digital / numerical models, geological structure, geophysical, etc.
  • Mines with information about commodities, status, etc.