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TCS Anthropogenic Hazards Consortium


EPOS TCS AH Consortium consists of 14 European members and 1 associate member from Brazil. It gathers academic and scientific institutions, research centers, and industry and private organizations.


Gilberto Saccorotti, (INGV, Italy)

TCS AH Director

Anna Leśnodorska (IG PAS, Poland)

Consortium governance and coordination

IG PAS (Poland)

Organizations in the consortium

  • INGV (Italy), 
  • CNRS (France), 
  • GFZ (Germany)
  • IG PAS (Poland)
  • INERIS (France)
  • IG ASCR (Czech Republic)
  • OULU (Finland) 
  • LTU (Sweden)
  • UKeele (UK)
  • ACK UST ( Poland)
  • CMI (Poland)
  • PMG (Poland)