On March 30 and 31, 2022, the joint Commission – ESFRI Workshop on the Research and Innovation (R&I) needs of Research Infrastructures will take place online. Lilli Freda, EPOS ERIC Executive Director, will participate in thematic parallel discussions on the Environment domain, on March 31.

During this event, actions that strengthen the sustainability, accessibility and resilience of Research Infrastructures (RI) will be discussed. The workshop aims at aligning further the policy on European RI and the operational support as shaped in the Horizon Europe Strategic Orientations.

Representatives of RI, of RI projects, national delegates in relevant Committees are invited to discuss how best to support the development of the RI landscape, the delivery of services, the next generation of instruments, tools and other relevant aspects.

The plenary meeting will happen on March 30, with talks and discussions on the needs of RI. On March 31, the thematic parallel discussions will take place. Lilli Freda will be joined in the parallel discussion on the Environment domain by Gert Verreet, ESFRI SWG Environment Vice-Chair, Werner Kutsch, ENVRI Cluster Chair (ICOS ERIC Director General), Nicole Biebow, ARICE coordinator and Sanna Sorvari Sundet, LUKE Vice President.

Find out more about the workshop, including the complete agenda, on the event's page on the ESFRI website.

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