The first volume of the Annals of Geophysics Special Issue “EPOS a Research Infrastructure in solid Earth: open science and innovation” has been published. 

This special issue is dedicated to presenting and discussing EPOS and its multidisciplinary breadth, as well as disseminating the contents of the EPOS Delivery Framework.

The two volumes of this Special Issue are centered around the importance of research infrastructures in the research process, promoting open science and enabling new forms of research and collaborations by providing solutions to share and distribute data and scientific products.

Research infrastructures, such as EPOS, play a key role in establishing and consolidating interactions between research organizations and academia to govern and manage virtual access to scientific data and physical access to research facilities. Moreover, by providing access to scientific data, products, and information, they represent a collaborative framework to foster innovation directly contributing to scientific progress and education in specific scientific domains.

The EPOS Special Issue articles can be read and downloaded on the Annals of Geophysics website (Open Access).

Annals of Geophysics