The TCS-ICS Interaction Workshop happened in Bergen, Norway, from 20 to 23 September 2022.

Key stakeholders involved in the construction of the EPOS Data Portal met, in person and online, for the workshop. Beyond the Development and Operation teams, that run and develop new functionalities of the ICS-C system supporting the EPOS Data Portal, key players from the TCS data provider communities attended the workshop.

From the perspective of the Global Opening of the EPOS Data Portal in 2023, the workshop was an excellent opportunity to focus on the delivery of a robust, usable, and data-oriented portal. In addition to the above, the community discussed key topics for the future of the Data Portal, for instance, the construction of the Distributed Services for advanced visualization and analysis of the solid Earth data.

<a href=",_Bergen,_Noruega,_2019-09-08,_DD_115-117_PAN.jpg">Diego Delso</a>, <a href="">CC BY-SA 4.0</a>, via Wikimedia Commons