We are looking for 2 software developers, to be employed as technical collaborators with a 12-month fixed-term contract at the INGV Rome. 

To participate in the competitive selection procedure, a good competence in programming algorithms in Java and/or Python, knowledge of relational databases and a good command of computer skills is requested. The two selected people will join the IT Team of EPOS, the European Research Infrastructure for solid Earth sciences.

Requirements for the position

  • High school diploma or equivalent qualification.
  • Italian citizenship or citizenship of another EU Member State or of a Third Country, provided they have an EU long-term residence permit or refugee or subsidiary protection status; 
  • for foreign candidates,basic knowledge of the Italian language; 
  • good command of the English language 

You must comply with the requirements by the deadline for submitting the application to take part in the competition. For more details, read the full notice (in Italian). 

Applying to the public competitive examination

To take part in the competitive exam, you need to apply through the https://www.inpa.gov.it/  portal, register by entering your curriculum vitae information in the specific sections and send your application to the procedure. Applications must be submitted by 10 August 2023.

In particular, applicants must specify:

  • Education and specialisations (e.g. secondary or university degree, PhD, master's degree or other specialisations) with an indication of the institution that awarded them, the date they were awarded and the grade obtained; 
  • The professional activities carried out and the positions held, including contractual information (e.g. research grants, professional appointments, employment contracts), the Entity at which they were carried out and the duration, with an indication of the start and end date; 
  • A list of your training certificates, publications, conference proceedings, etc., with an indication of the editorial position of the contribution. 
  • A list of professional qualifications, professional memberships and other useful information about your career.

How it works

The competitive procedure involves an assessment of the candidates’ qualifications and an interview. The interview will focus on the following topics:

  • programming algorithms in a language of your choice between Java and Python;
  • relational databases
  • general computer science.

In addition, during the oral test of the English language, and, for foreign candidates, of the Italian language will be ascertained.

Working for EPOS

EPOS, the European Plate Observing System, is the European infrastructure for solid Earth science, bringing together research communities, IT experts, and decision makers. By integrating scientific data  from disparate sources (e.g. seismographs, satellites, volcanic observatories) it enables researchers to create new knowledge and answer society's questions in this field. EPOS involves 26 European countries and 10 different thematic communities: being part of it means to work in  an international environment that promotes collaboration, diversity, innovation, and be able to contribute first-hand to meeting global challenges related to environmental science and to the evolution of Open Science.

Read the full notice: https://amministrazione-trasparente.ingv.it/web/trasparenza/papca-p/-/papca/display/2795253?p_auth=BNHy9Kqo&p_p_state=pop_up 

Please note that the notice also includes other INGV selections. The EPOS-related profile is the one under point "a)" . Persons may apply for more than one profile.

Ready to apply? Submit your application here: https://www.inpa.gov.it/