EPOS ERIC and EUREF have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). The agreement establishes a framework for cooperation on a range of issues in the field of solid Earth Science between the two parties in the next three years.

EPOS ERIC and EUREF have agreed to raise awareness of their services, investigate the possibility of using, and contributing to, each other’s services, and work together toward common standards and guidelines for the exchange of data and the generation of the reference frame and Solid Earth-related products.

In addition, the agreement foresees the organization of regular meetings, where the parties will inform each other of the progress of their activities.

This MoU is one of the several signed between EPOS ERIC and other infrastructures or organizations working in the field of Earth science. Earlier this year, MoUs have been signed with the Eucentre, AuScope, ECCSEL ERIC and EuroGeoSurveys.

Aerial image of ground stations on top of a mountain. EUREF and EPOS logos on the right corner