In March 2020 (and amidst the beginnings of the COVID-19 Pandemic in Europe) details on the research infrastructure behind the Thematic Core Service for Anthropogenic Hazards were published in Nature's open access journal 'Scientific Data'.

Following many months in the making and involving over 30 authors from 14 institutions across Europe, the paper provides comprehensive details on the system architecture of the IS -EPOS platform including its

  • Data records, acquisition and e-Nodes
  • Applications
  • Workspace
  • Integration with EPOS-ERIC IT
  • User engagement and science-industry partnership
  • Governance and future perspectives and
  • Usage Examples.

See: Orlecka-Sikora, B., Lasocki, S., Kocot, J. et al. An open data infrastructure for the study of anthropogenic hazards linked to georesource exploitation. Sci Data 7, 89 (2020).

Full open access is available HERE.

""Figure - Geographical Distribution of episodes stored in the e-Nodes. (From Orlecka-Sikora, B., Lasocki, S., Kocot, J. et al., 2020).