The AuScope will be holding the AuScope Research Conference next week, on the 12th and 13th of October.

The AuScope Research Conference 2021 is a two-day celebration of the latest NCRIS enabled Australian geoscience research that aims to address some of the biggest questions of our time on Earth. This online event will bring diverse communities together and encourage new ideas and collaborations to seed.

During the first session from 10 am – 12 pm (AEDT) on Tuesday the 12th, Dr Heather Handley will be giving a keynote address on the role of geosciences in addressing the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and then Dr Steve Hill will examine the future of geoscience in Australia.

They will also be releasing a new short film that highlights some of the exciting opportunities that will be provided by building an Australian Downward Looking telescope and discussing the role that they see for AuScope and national research infrastructure in the geosciences in that context.

The full program and links to attend sessions are available on the AuScope website.


AuScope Conference Banner 2021