EPOS ERIC and AuScope have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), where the two parties officialize their commitment to work in a collaborative framework.

The MoU establishes that EPOS and AuScope will work together to enhance global collaborations among Research Infrastructures of FAIR data management, open science and the sharing of scientific products, and foster Computational Earth Science coherently with FAIR data management and the integration of data products and services.

In addition, the agreement foresees the organization of joint meetings to share implementation strategies and solutions for the sustainable operation of the two Research Infrastructures, identifying common challenges and issues of mutual interest, and an annual meeting open to the involved communities dedicated to specific scientific and technological topics of common interest.

“I am delighted that we have signed this MoU that reinforces the collaboration between research infrastructures with comparable mission and vision. We now have a more demanding shared goal, beyond geographic boundaries and our single missions. I am sure we will see the results of our work in the implementation of a cooperative framework aimed at synergic solutions to contribute in achieving a global perspective for research infrastructures in geoscience.” —Lilli Freda, EPOS ERIC Executive Director.

“AuScope and EPOS ERIC are beautifully aligned large research infrastructure providers. Our projects are very similar, so there will be many opportunities to collaborate and learn from each other. I am very excited that we have this MoU in place to strengthen ongoing collaborations with a vision towards building a global research infrastructure for geoscience.” — Dr Tim Rawling, AuScope CEO.

AuScope is Australia’s provider of research infrastructure to the Earth and Geospatial Science community. AuScope’s tools, data, services and analytics enable scientists to understand Earth’s evolution through time and explore how Earth's resources may support growing human demands. 

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