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In the forthcoming weeks, the TCS AH Consortium will organize a webinar cycle on Induced Seismicity. Whether you're an experienced researcher, a curious student, or an industry professional, this is a good opportunity to go more in-depth on this intriguing and crucial topic.

Here is the schedule:

22 MAR 2024

Speaker: Grzegorz Kwiatek (GFZ, Germany)

Topic: Tracking deviation from stable seismic energy release during hydraulic stimulations using physics-informed features


24 APR 2024

Speaker: Francesco Grigoli (Università di Pisa, Italy)

Topic: Offshore microseismic monitoring (with application to the Castor case, Spain)


30 MAY 2024

Speaker: Ade Nascimento (Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil)

Topic: Integration of reflection seismics and earthquake monitoring in a salt solution mining seismicity case in Brazil


24 JUNE 2024

Speakers: Francesca De Santis (Ineris, France) & Julie Maury (BRGM, France)

Topic: Good practices guide for managing seismicity induced by deep geothermal operations

Register and get more info here: https://tcs.ah-epos.eu/trainings/

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