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The EPOS SP Annual Meeting, organized in the framework of the EPOS SP project, will bring back together in presence, after more than two years, the EPOS Community.

The overall objective of the EPOS SP project is to perform activities aimed at ensuring the long-term sustainability of the EPOS Research Infrastructure. 

This event will give EPOS the opportunity to discuss with the community issues, challenges, strategies, and solutions for approaching the EPOS Operational Phase, which will start in 2023.

The event includes restricted sessions on June 21st and open sessions on June 22nd and 23rd.

The open sessions aim at presenting the challenges EPOS will face in the Operational Phase from an exploitation perspective: the whole EPOS Community is called at discussing strategies and solutions to address the sustainable operation of EPOS. In particular, the planned open sessions are:

Session 1: Pilot Operational Testing (POT) and EPOS Data Portal Opening will provide an overview of the POT achievements and will showcase the EPOS Data Portal to be officially launched in January 2023. The target is to discuss with the EPOS Community plans for moving into the Operational Phase, including the testing phase and the official launch of the EPOS Data Portal.

Session 2: Moving towards an EPOS Science Program is dedicated to joint efforts with all EPOS Thematic Core Services (TCS) in assessing and deepening the EPOS’ scientific perspectives, crucial for the sustainable operation of EPOS. As such, indispensable feedback and insights will be collected from the EPOS community to support further strategic planning and to contribute to the definition of the EPOS Science Program.

Session 3: Increasing the uptake and appeal of EPOS tools and services for users and stakeholders aims to strengthen the linkage with new groups of stakeholders and to enlarge the EPOS Community. Placing EPOS in a broader context also means fostering innovative applications of EPOS data, data products and services, and designing a pathway toward shared solutions that maximise the potential of EPOS services.

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