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In today's interconnected world of scientific research, metadata plays a pivotal role in unlocking the full potential of data. The European Plate Observing System (EPOS) Research Infrastructure is fully engaged in maintaining and implementing metadata quality for solid Earth sciences. If you are a repository manager, cataloger, research infrastructure service operator or simply interested in metadata principles and data integration, we warmly invite you to the training event titled "EPOS Metadata Training within Geo-INQUIRE”, organised by the Geo-INQUIRE project and hosted by our senior experts Rossana Paciello and Daniele Bailo, from the EPOS IT team.

Course Overview:

The training will commence with an insightful exploration of the fundamental architecture of a 3-tier distributed data infrastructure, with a specific emphasis on the EPOS context. This foundational knowledge will provide participants with a clear understanding of the framework in which metadata operates.

Subsequently, the course will delve deep into the world of metadata, addressing its creation, curation, and application in describing a wide array of assets, including datasets, web services, and software. Participants will gain hands-on experience in extending established standards such as EPOS-DCAT-AP. Through practical examples, they will learn how metadata enhances data integration, with a special focus on the semantic aspects that are instrumental in achieving data interoperability.

A highlight of the training is the exploration of how metadata, semantics, and web services come together to create a user-friendly experience. Participants will witness firsthand how this combination facilitates seamless data integration through a dedicated graphical user interface.

Daniele Bailo,
EPOS IT Officer
Rossana Paciello,
Chief of the EPOS
IT Unit







Inclusivity Matters:

EPOS and Geo-INQUIRE promote equality, diversity and inclusion. In particular, we actively support registrations from women, early career scientists and people from widening countries.