Event Date

The EPOS ICS and TCS communities will gather for an online workshop from December 10 to 17, 2021. During this five-day event, several meetings will take place to discuss the integration and interaction between EPOS Integrated Core Services (ICS) and the Thematic Core Services (TCS).

The outcomes of the EPOS ICS-TCS Interaction Workshop will be relevant to the development of the EPOS Data Portal and future activities, in the framework of the EPOS SP project.



Friday (10 December) | Main workshop: Plenary meeting (reporting from current pitches and introduction of new pitches); the morning session will be dedicated to TCS-relevant topics while the afternoon will be dedicated to ICS topics.

Monday (13 December): Internal ICS IT Team meeting.

Tuesday to Thursday (14 to 16 December):  Internal pitch meetings (shaping up new pitches in smaller groups and individual TCS meetings).

Friday (17 December): Presentation of pitches to IT Board by pitch leaders & IT Board meeting.

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