Event Date

The EPOS ICS-TCS Interaction team is organising the ICS-TCS Interaction Workshop remotely the week 14-18 June 2021.

During the workshop there will be plenary sessions where only common ICS and TCS topics will be discussed and sessions dedicated to either internal discussions (ICS and TCS separately) or to discussions related to shaping up of pitches (mixed groups).

The main workshop day is Monday 14th June, 10:00-13:00, 14:00-17:00 CET where reporting from the current pitches and introduction of new pitches will happen.

The internal ICS meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 15th June.

Days 15-17 June are dedicated to shaping up the new pitches in smaller groups.

Friday 18th of June 10:00-13:00 is dedicated for presenting the new pitches to the IT Board.

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