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EPOS WP 17 Presentation at RFG 2018 in Vancouver

Mohammadreza Jalali - ETH Zurich, will give the following presentation at the RFG conference in Vacouver: - In-situ Stimulation and Circulation Experiment as a Decameter Geo-Energy Test Bed for Enhanced Geothermal System Development

You can find more information about this presentation here;

EPOSWP 17 presentations at RFG Conference in Vancouver

Helen Taylor will give a presentation at the RFG 2018 Conference entitled: EPOS and ECCSEL: Geoenergy Test Beds in European Distributed Research Infrastructures

You can find further details of this talk at:


EPOS Implementation and Validation Workshop, March 12th - 14th 2018 | Lisbon, Portugal

Chris Luton presenting for WP17 in Session 3: Legal and Governance Implementation  at the EPOS | Implementation and Validation Workshop, March 12th - 14th 2018 | Lisbon, Portugal

EPOS Implementation and Validation Workshop in Lisbon 12-15 March 2018

Patrick Bell presenting onbehalf of GEBT WP17 during the 2nd day at the EPOS Implementation and Validation Workshop in Lisbon, (Portugal),(12-14 March 2018); in programme SESSION 2: User Strategy and Training.

New horizons in geological and geo-environmental monitoring (Cooperation, technology, infrastructure, expertise, data, responsibilities

Within the Geo-Energy Expert Group we are currently making preparations for this workshop, which is planned to take place from 21st – 23rd

RFG 2018 Vancouver - The Role of Geoenergy Test Beds in Developing Future Energy Systems

There will be a session on Energy Test beds at the RFG meeting next June in Vancouver  It extends across the low carbon energy sector and  WP17 has an abstract in preparation for the EPOS GETB work package. 


Intial Meeting held between EPOS WP17 and ECCSEL, held at the BGS HQ, in Nottingham

GETB Newsletter 01

The first Newsletter GETB Newsletter as found in Outreach Material

Geo-Energy TestBed Community Workshop

The first GETB community workshop, held at Czech Technical University Faculty of Civil Engineering (CVUT)