The Volcano Observations (VO-TCS) provide long-term access to the Volcano Observatories and Research Institutions data and products. VO-TCS aims at implementing facilities allowing easy access to volcanological data and interoperable services.

The contribution of the VO-TCS to the EPOS is intrinsically built upon the know-how of the institutions participating to the TCS, thus going beyond the current differences and fragmentation of the European volcanology community. VO-TCS aims at converging the experience and scientific baggage of the main European Volcano Observatories (VOs) and Volcano Research Institutions (VRIs) implementing interoperable services for spreading a broad range of volcano observations and knowledge to support research and volcano hazard assessment.

In detail, VO-TCS provide long-term sustained access to data and products of European VOs and VRIs by developing and implementing a variety of services and trans-national access (TA) to facilities.

Services include:

  • distribution of volcano seismic data and products
  • distribution of volcano geodetic data and products
  • distribution of volcanological / petrological data and products
  • distribution of environmental and geochemistry data and products
  • distribution of remote sensing data and products
  • access to volcano hazard products
  • access to tools for modelling and computational volcanology
  • access to data services