The TCS Satellite Data main goal is to guide the European satellite Earth Observation community in order to create and support state-of-art satellite services and products suitable and useful to be exploited in the solid Earth science framework.

  • Coordinate the interactions with National and International Space Agencies to foster an effective satellite data access in a common collaborative framework.
  • Engage and interact with the EO stakeholders to provide the EPOS community with state-of-art satellite technologies;
  • Coordinate the development, harmonization, integration and deployment of advanced satellite services and products useful to be exploited by solid Earth science community;
  • Define a reliable governance model to guarantee a proper representation of the EO community and establish an effective administration of the TCS.

To reach these objectives, the TCS participating partners are establishing the TCS governance structure that includes the legal aspects, the data policy rules and the financial framework needed to build a reliable long-term sustainability plan for the maintenance and operational costs of the implemented infrastructures.

Moreover, the TSC partners are in charge of establishing the communication channels for the interaction with the EO data providers (ESA and national Space Agencies) as well as for the interoperable, harmonized, and operational exchange between the EO services and Integrated Core Services (ICS), considering EU directives, EO data policies, and international data sharing conventions (e.g. OGC, INSPIRE and GEOSS Data Sharing principles).