A modelling service

GeohazardVis is a visualization and modeling tool developed at the GFZ Potsdam (Karsten Tausche, Mehdi Nikkhoo and Thomas R. Walter), dedicated for InSAR-based volcano deformation analysis. Interactive visualizations facilitate data exploration, analysis and model verification. GeohazardVis is a free software and is currently supported on Windows and Linux. It is a stand-alone package, in a modular design, that allows reading, displaying and analyzing InSAR data, and integrating further tools.

Screenshot of GeohazardVis showing a point compound dislocation modeling and verification setup. We aim to provide a user-friendly tool that facilitates modeling and analysis steps. It is targeted mainly to user who don't indent to adjust the modeling code themselves. Modeling approaches are flexibly integrated into the application as plugins



The functionality is based on four axis:

1.    Data Import: Point cloud data is imported from the IREA text file format. The tool also supports import of 2D grids and polygonal from ASCII files that are exported, e.g, from MATLAB.

2.    Visualization: The tool allows to visualize 2D grid data, point clouds, triangular meshes, and volumetric vector data. Interactive view allow to zoom and navigate in 2D (top view) or 3D (terrain view) representations of the data. Tabular views list data values inside to tool and provide selection and highlighting scheme linked to rendered visualizations.

3.    Analysis: Further visualization techniques are provided to facilitate data analysis and modeling. Profile plots enable to extract scalar or vector attributes associated with points or triangles, and present them in a diagram. A residual visualization tool is provided that allows to compare modeled deformations with observation data.

4.    Modeling: We currently provide the tool with a point compound dislocation model after Nikkhoo et al.  (2016). This model allows to quickly find approximated deformation source parameters, as long as a point-like deformation source can be assumed.


Nikkhoo, M., Walter, T. R., Lundgren, P. R., Prats-Iraola, P. (2017): Compound dislocation models (CDMs) for volcano deformation analyses. - Geophys Journal International, 208 (2): 877-894. doi:10.1093/gji/ggw427