TCS Multi-scale laboratories major target is to create a coherent and collaborative network of European solid Earth science laboratories.

    Our main objectives are:

    • Make available through the EPOS platform, data, products and software from several types of laboratory infrastructures 
    • Offer regulated and transparent trans-national access to the newest and most advanced solid Earth laboratory facilities in Europe

    High-quality datasets, produced within Earth science laboratories, have potential value for secondary use in science, teaching and outreach. They could be of crucial importance for the exploration of geo-resources, geo-storage, geo-hazards and for the understanding of the earth system evolution in general.
    At present, most data produced by the various laboratory centres and networks directly are available are only in a graphical or sampled form in publications. The complete dataset and many data remain inaccessible and usually requires at least a direct interaction with the authors, may have a specific format preventing easy sharing, lack of traceability for intellectual property and appropriate citation and/or if not poorly preserved unfortunately.
    The TCS Multi-scale laboratories will collect and harmonize available and emerging laboratory data on the properties and process controlling rock system behaviour at multiple scales, in order to generate products accessible and interoperable through services for supporting research activities into Geo-resources and Geo-storage, Geo-hazards and Earth System Evolution.
    Thanks to the TCS Multi-scale laboratories data service in EPOS, these data will become easily accessible in a homogenised format, refereed, and thus ready to be used for new research.

    The TCS Multi-scale laboratories will provide data and products realted to four main solid Earth application areas: Analogue modelling of geologic processes, Paleomagnetism, Rock physics and high pressure-temperature laboratories and Analytical laboratories.
    Potential users include not only researchers and professionals across the full spectrum of the solid Earth sciences, but the data service will also provide a resource for teaching, distance learning, outreach and public information.

    Earth science is high multi-disciplinary. In order to be able to tackle major challenges like natural risk mitigation, safe exploitation of Earth’s resources, and boost Earth Sciences discoveries, information coming from the laboratories must be integrated with data from other Earth Sciences fields, not only to arrive at new results but to make data needs visible and hence steer the development of research infrastructure and strategy. 

    TCS Multi-scale laboratories is working to establish access rules to the newest and most advanced solid Earth experimental laboratory facilities in Europe.
    The groups and lab facilities will be made visible to the community in the EPOS Portal, creating new opportunities for synergy, collaboration and innovation, in a framework of trans-national access rules. 

    Through this system, researchers and research teams across Europe will have the opportunity to present  project proposals and be selected to perform experiments at key EPOS Multi-scale laboratory centres.