EPOS TCS GNSS Data and Products presented its activities at EPOS Info Day

Tuesday, June 12, 2018 - 15:30


GNSSCoreStakeholders.jpgOn May 30th, 2018, the EPOS TCS GNSS Data and Products made an important contribution to EPOS initiative by participating at EPOS Info Day, an event hosted at Ljubljana (Slovenia) tailored to the Eastern Adriatic Area countries. The status of the TCS Work Package 10 (GNSS) was presented by WP10 representative Rui Cardoso from the UBI. He opened his speech by presenting the core stakeholders and their main contributions. Also representing WP10, David Zuliani, an OGS (Istituto Nazionale di Oceanografia e di Geofisica Sperimentale) member of EPOS TCS GNSS Data and Products made a presentation approaching FreDNet and GNSS data sharing in Northern Adria Plate.

Cardoso revealed the key goals to be achieved, as listed below:
1.    interact with the geodetic community in Europe, at national and pan-international levels;
2.    promote multidisciplinary interoperability with other related areas within EPOS;
3.    implement distributed dissemination of file-based GNSS data for about 2000 stations (and derived Products: CRD, VEL, STR) in the first 2 years aiming to reach 3000 at the end the third year.

For each of these objectives, Cardoso pointed out the current status which can be considered in line with the project timetable. “Regarding GLASS software, including data and products portal being develop, a functional prototype version are currently under tests and validation, For general users we have now available a small set of the existing data and metadata for experiment and collect feedback from users in the following urls: data portal and products portal”, stated Cardoso.

Rui_Cardoso_GNSS.jpgGLASS – The presentation followed with a detailed explanation about GLASS (GNSS Linkage Advance Software System); its functional characteristics, such as management of GNSS data and provision of GNSS products (coordinate daily and time series, velocity fields and strain rate fields) and its components (the physical ones and web services). “GLASS must be ready for users in 2020”, announced Cardoso.

M3G Center and live demo – Furthermore, it was showed the three main components of GLASS: the M3G Center and the data and products portals. M3G Center portal manages metadata, how it works as a distribution system for multiple GNSS networks, contributing to the densification of GNSS networks, and the requirements for its usage. The functionalities and usability of the data and products portals was demonstrated in a interactive video with real user case scenarios. The live demo of data portal features and product portal deliverables are available at EPOS GNSS Data and Products website section.

Integrated package – Cardoso made clear that all GLASS main components work together in a complete integrated package. “Can be installed as a stand-alone server but the goal is to facilitate the integration of individual repositories/data centers”, explained him. “By providing GNSS data through the EPOS ecosystem, using GLASS, will allow providers to enjoy quality control of their data and dissemination to a large group of users. Therefore, GLASS will provide users with a single access point to GNSS data and products in Europe, provided in uniform formats”, highlighted.

David_Zuliani_FreDNet.jpgGNSSdatasharing.jpgFreDNet and GNSS data sharing in Northern Adria Plate – David Zuliani, an OGS (Istituto Nazionale di Oceanografia e di Geofisica Sperimentale) member of EPOS TCS GNSS Data and Products also made a presentation at EPOS Info Day, approaching FreDNet and GNSS data sharing in Northern Adria Plate. He started speaking about the OGS context and it role inside EPOS-IP as a contributing institute in straight collaboration with Adriatic-Ionic macroregion.

Zuliani explained what is FreDNet, which is the acronyms for Friuli Regional Deformation Network, a service that counts on 18 GNSS site for research and service strategically distributed European wide. Following, he spoke about the GNSS data, data products, software and services (or GNSS DDSS), also presenting cases of GNSS data sharing at the tip of the Adria plate and densification needed.

About EPOS Info Day – The EPOS IP project, in the framework of its Communication and Dissemination activities, organized the "EPOS Info-Day" in Ljubljana, Slovenia on the 29 - 30 May 2018. This initiative, scheduled in the EPOS Communication Plan, was dedicated to disseminating, inform, engage and eventually involve potential users and stakeholders of the EPOS infrastructure and its integration plan.

The EPOS Info-Day was an opportunity to present the global perspectives of the EPOS pan-European infrastructure and to highlight its impact for solid Earth science. The event was dedicated to potential users and stakeholders from the Eastern Adriatic area: scientists from research organizations and universities, policy-makers, and other people interested in learning about EPOS, its provision in terms of scientific data, products and services as well as to foster interregional and international cooperation in an enlarged Europe, across its borders.

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