C4G plenary boosting actions for the future

The C4G plenary session, which current phase of financing began on June 15th (2017), occurs this July 11th at Geophysical and Astronomical Observatory of the University of Coimbra. “The main objective is to discuss the present and, more importantly, the guidelines for C4G future”, as Rui Fernandes states. To accomplish it, the members of the C4G will be assembled, and the members of the Implementation Committee should present how their areas can serve the community outside the C4G.

AgendaMembers of the C4G assembled to discuss not only the present but the guidelines for future, boosting C4G actions
Meeting of the Executive Committee
Meeting of the Coordinating Council
Plenary I
Presentations by the Working Group Coordinators and Lines of Action about the activities to be developed
Plenary II

C4G and EPOS – C4G, by jointing its European counterparts in the ESFRI project European Plate Observing System (EPOS), promotes Portugal as a service provider in the international research arena. C4G includes all the relevant SES players in Portugal: LNEG (the national geological survey, with competences in natural resources, geologic hazards and geo-environment), IPMA ( the national authority for earthquake monitoring and geomagnetism) and DGT (maintains the national geodetic network). C4G also encompasses six universities and one private institution.

Recently led a successful application to include an Integrated European GNSS RI (Research Infrastructures) in the upcoming H2020 calls. A successful C4G application place UBI in an excellent position to host the EPOS Geodesy thematic node and to become a key international service provider in EU Geosciences.

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