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EPOS @ ORFEUS regional workshop 'EIDA and the Balkans' in Belgrade, Serbia 6-7 June 2019

This regional workshop in the Balkan area with the goal to foster seismological data exchange through the European Integrated Data Archive (EIDA) within ORFEUS.

EPOS @SERA Annual Science Meeting 2019 in Edinburgh (UK), 15 - 16 May 2019

EPOS team will attend the event. The activities and the outcomes of the SERA project and the EPOS and SERA collaboration will be presented.

EPOS @III RICH Symposium, European Research Infrastructures: from WP 2020 calls to Horizon Europe in Brussels, 14 May 2019

The Symposium will comprise an infoday-style presentation of the Horizon 2020 calls followed by three Plenary Sessions. The EPOS IP coordinator, Massimo Cocco will will be a panelist in the last session.

The Royal Observatory of Belgium is opening a job position for GNSS activities related to EPOS

The Royal Observatory of Belgium (ROB) seeks a collaborator for its GNSS activities related to EPOS services. Applications are welcome until May 31 2019 included. 

EPOS @ERIC FORUM MEETING, in Oslo – Norway, 07 – 08 May 2019

The first day of the meeting will include presentations and updates from some of the project’ stakeholders; the European Commission’s developments with regards to topics of interest to the ERIC community, ESFRI’s latest advancements and more.

EPOS @ENVRIplus final events in Brussels (Belgium), 4 June 2019

The ENVRI event aims to promote the ENVRIplus results, the benefits of cluster collaboration and community building, and address how Research Infrastructures contribute to societal challenges.

3DTeLC project summer school @INGV in Nicolosi (Catania, Italy), 5-14 May 2019

The 3DTeLC aims to develop 3D and Virtual Reality products to manage Natural Risk, through Teaching, Learning and Communication experiences.

EPOS @ESA's upcoming Living Planet Symposium 2019 in Milan, Italy, 13 - 17 May 2019

On May15th, 2019, Michele Manunta will present “EPOS Thematic Core Service Satellite Data: the Contribution of Sentinel Missions to Establish a Comprehensive Multidisciplinary Research Platform for Solid Earth Sciences.

EPOS TCS Anthropogenic Hazards Consortium Meeting & Workshop in Pisa is approaching!

The workshop in two sessions: session 1: Overview of data episodes: status and availability on IS-EPOS platform (; session 2: Tools, methods, data analysis; and a final forum.