TOP TIPS from the EPOS IT team: new version of the ICS-C & premium Kubernetes cloud-native hosting platform are now available

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Friday, December 13, 2019 - 15:45


A new version of the ICS-C

The pre-operational version of the ICS-C portal (Integrated Core Services – Central Hub) is now available at The data portal enables users to search, pre-visualize, select and put assets into the workspace.

Daniele Bailo, computer scientists working at Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia (INGV), EPOS ERIC IT officer declared:

We are proud of this results that demonstrates in practice real interoperability by integrating TCS assets (Data, Data Products, Services and Software (DDSS)), AAAI services by Cyfronet (the name stands for Authentication, Authorisation, and Accounting Infrastructure), and enables users to easily combine and download DDSS from one single platform.


Premium Kubernetes cloud-native hosting platform

After extensive configuration and testing, a production Kubernetes cluster is now available to host the EPOS ICS-C at BGS.

This is a powerful and stable, self-hosted container management tool that automates the deployment and management of containerised applications and workloads.

The platform enables:

  • hosting of containerised docker components
  • auto-scaling, load-balancing and seal-healing
  • monitoring and telemetry
  • log aggregation and application debugging

This is a major component in the joint hosting of the EPOS ICS-C on the BGS and BRGM infrastructure.
Further work is now needed to transfer the production workloads and load-balance between these sites.

By Wayne Shelley, Solutions Architect & DevOps Lead at British Geological Survey (BGS) and ICS developer of the EPOS RI.