Outcomes of the last EPOS ICS-TCS Interaction Workshop | 15-19 March 2021

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Wednesday, March 24, 2021 - 18:15


The EPOS ICS-TCS Interaction Workshop has been organised remotely in the week of March 15-19, 2021. The ICS-TCS Interaction Workshop is held quarterly and provides opportunity for the TCS (Thematic Core Services) members and the ICS (Integrated Core Sevices) teams to work together, identifying tasks (pitches) useful for improving and developing the current prototype ICS system and Data Portal (

The TCS IT members and ICS teams reported the status of finalized pitches from passed development cycle (December 2020 - March 2021) on Monday 15th March during a plenary session. In addition, pitches for next development cycle (March-June 2021) were introduced. An internal ICS meeting was scheduled for Tuesday 16 March. In parallel, the days 16-18 March have been dedicated to discussions of new pitches in smaller groups. The pitches were presented to IT Board by pitch leaders on Friday 19 March morning and then IT Board evaluated and selected pitches (24 in total) to be executed in the next development cycle (until June 2021).

This workshop has been organized as part of the Pilot Operational Testing (POT) phase of ICS system which started in October 2020. There are five groups of POT tests (#2-#6) being executed and most of them will be finalized by end of March 2021. The user testing of the ICS Data Portal (POT #6) is planned for May 2021. Each group of POT tests will produce its own report and overall results will be summarized in a final report of POT during June 2021.