New GNSS-EPOS Data Repositories: GLASS tool & GLASS-EPOS node

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Monday, July 29, 2019 - 15:00


The EPOS TCS GNSS (WP10) is finishing the internal implementation of GLASS software, which is the core software package to manage (storage, validate and disseminate) GNSS Data & Products within the EPOS project.

A work task team will be availiable to directly assist with the installation of GLASS nodes at Institutions interested to share their GNSS data in the frame of the EPOS infrastructure. The priority will be for national nodes. This possibility is offered until the end of the EPOS-IP project (30 September 2019).

To obtain more information to implement such node please visit the GNSS webpages, info about the legal and technical aspects.

In addition, the TCS GNSS is implementing a dedicated GLASS-EPOS node for European groups that want to provide data to EPOS but are not interested / cannot maintain a dedicated node and do not have a national node to use.

This is not a replacing of any existing European (such as EUREF) and/or national node, in fact, the idea is just to offer such service in countries where such national node does not exist.

People interested to implement a node and/or share data through GLASS-EPOS node, please contact Paul Crocker <> or Rui Fernandes (