IG PAS is opening a technical job position in EPOS TCS AH team in Krakow

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Tuesday, August 11, 2020 - 10:30


The Institute of Geophysics Polish Academy of Sciences is recruiting a person for an engineering position in the EPOS Thematic Core Service Anthropogenic Hazards Team (TCS AH Team) in Kraków (Poland).

The TCS AH Team of Institute of Geophysics leads the integration and making available through the IS-EPOS digital platform of world research infrastructures (data and software) of anthropogenic seismicity and anthropogenic hazards under the European Plate Observing System (EPOS) program.

The successful candidate will lead a group dealing with the maintenance and development of the services of the IS-EPOS digital platform and the maintenance and development of the resources of the data node 'Centre for Induced Seismicity Research Infrastructure - CIBIS' of the Institute of Geophysics.  The candidate will also take part in fieldwork related to the maintenance of the seismological monitoring network of the Department of Seismology.

More information about the requirements and the recruitment here.