EPOS SP | AdriaArray international workshop in Sopron, Hungary, 20-22 May 2020, 2nd circular is now published!

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EPOS SP / AdriaArray international workshop
Friday, February 21, 2020 - 14:00


The interdisciplinary EPOS SP workshop entitled “Understanding Active Deformation of the Adriatic Plate and its Margins: AdriaArray - Science, Infrastructure, & Community Building” will be held in Sopron, Hungary, on 20-22 May 2020.

The aim of the workshop is to discuss plate deformation and geohazards in the area as well as next steps for the preparation of the AdriaArray initiative. 

There will be sessions devoted specifically to seismicity and geohazard, seismic imaging, tectonics, geodesy and geodynamic modelling of plate deformation. Friday morning is reserved for discussions and break-out sessions.  
The second circular is now published; it includes the web links to the registration page at ORFEUS, the preliminary program, and suggestions for accommodations in Sopron.

Download here the 2nd circular.

The registration web page is now open. Representatives of seismological networks and observatories in Southeastern Europe as well as solicited speakers of the various sessions have been already invited and registered.

There are still a few time slots for oral presentations open. Please contact the Organising Committe if you are interested to submit an oral presentation. In addition, there will be poster sessions.
The number of attendees is limited to about 70. The registration page will close as soon as the maximum capacity is reached, and not later than March 20, 2020.


The Organising Committee:

  • EPOS & ORFEUS | EPOS Seismology integration: C. Cauzzi, R. Sleeman, F. Haslinger
  • Science program & AdriaArray community setup: T. Meier, P. Kolínský, C. Faccenna
  • Local organisation: I. Kovács