EPOS IP Advisory Board meeting, Paris, France, 14 – 15 November 2019

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Wednesday, December 18, 2019 - 09:15


The Paris meeting has been the last of the external Advisory Board (AB) of the EPOS IP project. This board is composed of five members representing outstanding scientists within and outside solid Earth science and managers from international research infrastructures.

During the last four years, the AB has provided advises and recommendations to support the progress of the EPOS IP project in implementing the EPOS Delivery Framework.

The last AB meeting has been dedicated to discuss the data and service provision implemented by Thematic Core Services (TCS), the achieved data and service interoperability and the performances of the prototype of the Central hub of the Integrated Core Services (ICS-C).

During the meeting the exploitation of EPOS IP achievements by EPOS ERIC and the impact of the project on the current and future landscape for data and service provision in solid Earth science has been also discussed.

In their report, the Members of the AB provided an overall positive assessment of the EPOS Implementation Phase considering the EPOS IP project a success; they also declared they have been impressed by the EPOS progress since last meeting,

The report contained recommendations and advices useful to design and plan the next phase of the EPOS lifecycle that will deal with the effective transition to operations. Actually, the Members appreciated the well-defined procedures that EPOS has been set up for the future activities.

EPOS demonstrated its added value for the involved communities, fostering dialogues and collaborations, and enabling the sharing of new data and products that would be not accessible without EPOS.