New developments of the EPOS-ICS-C GUI, Graphical User Interface

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Chris Card

BGS, United Kingdom

Christian Rønnevik

UiB, Norway

Xiaoliang Wang

UiB, Norway

The EPOS Newsletter issue 03
July 2018 | Top Tips 01

Figure 1. The EPOS-ICS-C GUI (Graphical User Interface) mock-up

At the ICS hackathon in Utrecht, 19 - 21 June, feedback received on the EPOS-ICS-C graphical user interface was presented and discussed. A common agreement during the discussions was to shift towards a more user-centric design. The current landing page will be modified to ensure accessibility, understanding and ease of use. Organising the information in the proper manner will help users – especially those outside of the community of EPOS-IP - to understand what EPOS is and what it can offer. Hence, on entering into the main ICS portal, the user should be able to browse through available data, and find information about the involved research infrastructures. From the landing page users will also be able to apply for the trans-national access program, and be able to access community portals of the different domains within EPOS. A mock-up of such a landing page is shown in the picture (Figure 1).

The browsing of available data will be accomplished through the use of a faceted search. Users will be returned a set of results, many of which will have predefined default visualisations. Further interest in the chosen data can be exploited by configuring the given results and applying further operations on them through the ICS main portal.