Integrated Core Services (ICS) system demonstrator in Prague Integration Workshop

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Kuvvet Atakan,

UiB, Norway

Daniele Bailo,

INGV, Italy

Keith Jeffery,


Matthew Harrison,


The EPOS Newsletter issue 02
April 2017 | Highlights 03

EPOS ICS demonstrator

During the EPOS-IP Integration Workshop in Prague WP6 and WP7 held an IT-team meeting for consolidating the efforts on interactions with the Thematic Core Services (TCS) and finalising the Integrated Core Services (ICS) demonstrator to be presented to the plenum.

Earlier focus on requirements and use cases collection from the TCS WPs during 2016, has resulted in a comprehensive list of data, data products, services and software (DDSS) from the 10 TCS-WPs. Current DDSS Master Table includes 384 elements among which 125 are already existing or implemented at TCS level. In order to accelerate the developments for the ICS and show some of the functionalities of the ICS system, the IT-team has worked intensively during the last few months and finalised a version of the software which is later demonstrated in a plenum meeting during the Prague Integration Workshop.

The ICS implementation shown during the Workshop consisted of the basic functionalities of the system including the metadata catalog, a graphical user interface (GUI) and some of the corresponding Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). A selected set of data and data products were used in order to demonstrate the capabilities of the ICS software as a system. Technical details were explained and shown to the TCS communities through a live demonstration explaining also how the various software components communicate with each other as well as how data flow was organised from the TCS metadata to the ICS metadata catalog. Response from the participants were very positive and some valuable feedback is received through the online feedback questionnaire.

The positive feedback from the plenum has given us the confidence to continue with enthusiasm on the planned implementation, however, there are still a number of advanced functionalities of the ICS system that needs to be implemented and critical components of the architecture such as the workflow-engine, authentication/authorization/accounting/infrastructure (AAAI) system, distributed services (ICS-D) and computational Earth science (CES) etc., needs to be finalised.

WP6 and WP7 IT-team is now planning to finalise the ICS-system developments and will focus on implementing the TCS metadata integration to the ICS metadata catalog. This implementation will start with the most mature DDSS elements as defined by the TCS communities in their top-priorities until October 2017 (Month-24 deadline) where the first official version of the ICS-system will be presented and checked for its readiness for validation. Implementation of DDSS elements from the TCS WPs will continue until the project goes into operational phase. Each TCS community is therefore preparing a roadmap for their internal developments and implementation plans.