ICS-TCS Workshops

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Keith Jeffery,
Jan Michalek

The EPOS Newsletter issue 01
January 2019 | Top Tips 01

Figure 1. The EPOS architecture relying on three key components: TCS, ICS-C and ICS-D

At the EPOS information day event in Slovenia in May 2018, an initial discussion was held on how to improve further the coordination between TCS IT requirements, expectations and offerings, and the ICS development plan. The idea emerged to have specific use cases defined to test the ICS functionality, and so allow specification of improvements and additions. At the Barcelona event in October, the SCB met and agreed to set up a coordinating group of eight persons: four representatives from TCSs (Francois Robida, Beata Orlecka, Lauro Chiaraluce and Florian Haslinger) and four representatives from WP6&7 (ICS) (Keith Jeffery, Daniele Bailo, Chris Card and Jan Michalek).

It was agreed that the TCS coordinators would obtain suitable use cases from the TCSs which would be stored in GitHub. Both TCS and ICS people could comment on the use cases to ensure understanding. In parallel, the ICS coordinators have been preparing a list of ICS components. This work is at present underway. The idea is to break down each use case into requirements and that the requirements can then be matched against the ICS components that are used to satisfy the requirement. This will result in a matrix of use case requirements against ICS components. At the upcoming workshops, we will check the degree of satisfaction of the requirements and (a) report on success or otherwise; (b) propose improvements to existing components or the need for additional components to be fed into the ICS development plan. Additionally, Amelia Baptie has been involved in this process from the ICS side.

The current workshop schedule is:

Week Dates Event
07 20190211-15 ICS-TCS Workshop
10 20190304-07 User Feedback Group Workshop
18 20190429-0503 ICS-TCS Workshop
23 20190603-06 User Feedback Group Workshop
39 20190923-27 ICS-TCS Workshop
40 20190930-1003 External Testing Workshop









The detailed agendas and logistics for the workshops are currently under discussion.