First Consortium Board Meeting & Official Launch of the Thematic Core Service for Anthropogenic Hazards (TCS AH)

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Glenda Jones

Keele University
United Kingdom

The EPOS Newsletter
Special issue 04
2019 | Highlight 02

TCS AH Consortium

On the 18 and 19 Nov 2019, representatives from 12 pan-European institutions gathered at IG PAS in Warsaw, to attend the first TCS AH Consortium Board (CB) meeting and officially launch TCS AH following the successful end of the EPOS-IP Project*. Discussions regarding governance and final amendments to the Consortium Agreement took place with the democratic establishment of the TCS AH Hosting Organization (IG PAS), Director (Professor Stanislaw Lasocki, IG PAS), Chair (Gilberto Saccorotti, INGV) and Vice Chair (Ian Stimpson, KU). Work sections and leaders were also appointed and confirmed with sections for;

  • The implementation of TCS AH Services – Leader: ACK – UST
  • Administration, law & accounting – Leader: IG PAS
  • Episode integration and application implementation – Leader: GFZ
  • Promotion and dissemination – Leader: CNRS
  • Projects & partnership – Leader: LTU

Preliminary work programs are to be prepared for January 2020, ahead of the of the EPOS-SP (Sustainability Phase) kick off in February 2020, with candidates for the following EPOS TCS AH committees also to be nominated in the interim;

  1. User Committee
  2. Data Provider Committee
  3. Innovation Advisory Committee

The mission of TCS AH is to integrate research infrastructures within EPOS, for studies on anthropogenic hazards, particularly those related to the exploration and exploitation of geo-resources. The consortium will therefore maintain and further develop the TCS AH core services on the e-research platform IS-EPOS by integrating new episodes, tailored software applications, and collaborative functions on the platform with work programs that also address;

  • Interoperability between these services and the Integrated Core Service of EPOS;
  • Promotion of the services, dissemination and outreach actions;
  • Industry collaborations and brokering.

To read more about TCS AH and see the data & services available on the platform check out the TCS AH Implementation Phase Summary article HERE