EPOS User Feedback Group (UFG) events on March and mid June 2019

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Figure 1. The EPOS architecture relying on three key components: TCS, ICS-C and ICS-D

EPOS User Feedback Group (UFG) events on March and mid June 2019

teleconference, TBD

At the Barcelona EPOS annual meeting & wprkshop on October 2018, the EPOS Service Coordination Board (SCB) agreed to set up a coordinating group between Thematic Core Services (TCS), and Integrated Core Service (ICS) people to ensure common understanding on the IT requirements, expectations and offerings, and the ICS development plan.

The idea emerged to have specific use cases defined to test the ICS functionality, and so allow specification of improvements and additions.

The EPOS User Feedback Group (UFG) of eight persons has been created: four representatives from TCSs (Francois Robida, Beata Orlecka, Lauro Chiaraluce and Florian Haslinger) and four representatives from the ICS team (WP6&7),(Keith Jeffery, Daniele Bailo, Chris Card and Jan Michalek).

The time line for UFG events is the following:

  1. Remote UFG meeting (in week 4-8 March, 2019)
  2. In-person UFG workshop (in week 3-6 June, 2019)

The first UFG meeting will be arranged remotely, mostly in two days as:

  • 2h webinar in one day, on Wednesday, 6 March 2019
  • 1-2h video teleconference the second day, on Thursday, 7 March 2019

During this meeting the aims and structure of EPOS will be explained to UFG members as well as the whole procedure of collection of feedback.

Those events will be an internal verification of the EPOS ICS system and feedback from the UFG workshop in June will contribute to further development of the system and preparation for operation phase.

There will be another external validation of the system later in September done by External Expert Panel (members will be appointed by the EPOS-ERIC-GA).

More information will be circulated soon.

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