EPOS Data Portal User testing events, June 2021, registration opened!

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EPOS Data Portal

EPOS Data Portal User testing events, June 2021, registration opened!

virtual workshop


On June 4th and 8th, 2021 the EPOS IT team is organising a user testing event of the EPOS Data Portal ( which has been developed by EPOS ERIC (European Plate Observing System - European Research Infrastructure Consortium).

The portal offers access to a large number of data, data products and services from nine thematic solid Earth science fields.

The testing will be arranged in two levels during two dates: Friday June 4th and Tuesday June 8th 2021.

Each level of testing will be repeated as mentioned below. EPOS invites researchers in solid Earth science to register for the events.

  • A. Friday June 4th: General testing (10-12 CEST)

                Friday June 4th: General testing, repeated (13-15 CEST)

  • B. Tue June 8th: Scientific testing (9-12 CEST)

                Tue June 8th: Scientific testing, repeated (13-16 CEST)

The general testing will focus on the basic functionalities of the EPOS Data Portal while the scientific testing will involve use cases from various thematic fields.

The participants will test the portal by working through a set of four pre-defined exercises. Participants are also asked to consecutively give feedback to each task, thereby providing valuable information to the developers for their future work.

The user feedback is important for improving and addressing the needs of researchers in solid Earth science.

EPOS will therefore highly appreciate your time and contribution to this testing.

Link to registration (required) here.

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